Forest fire

By building a forest fire extinguishing facility using a wireless communication network, We provide 24-hour remote control and initial suppression solutions.

Consulted in various environments
Customer-oriented construction service.

Nationwide buildable (to Jeju)
Remote solution delivery (24 hours)
Rich customer references
Forest Service, Military

We have built various fire extinguishing equipment such as forest areas, cultural festivals, military bases, and civilian facilities, and we support business areas that can provide solutions that allow customers to remotely control 24 hours a day beyond simple fire extinguishing facilities.

Major Business Results

  1. 01 Establishment of forest fire extinguishing facilities in Seogwipo City, Jeju Province
  2. 02 Pentagon Establishment of water pipe water membrane equipment
  3. 03 Fire extinguishing equipment maintenance progress
  4. 04 Forest Service Forest Fire Extinguishing Facility


  • 01
    Inquiries and on-site inspections
  • 02
    Customized Consulting
  • 03
    Fill out the documents
  • 04
    Construction progress
  • 05