Dreamjoy & Batoo
With electric construction, forest fire water tower construction, software SI solution, and wired/wireless communication construction as its main businesses, we provide various services such as electric vehicle charging station construction, wireless network construction and maintenance, and major recreational forests of major national facilities.

Management Vision

  • JOY 즐거운 직장생활
  • BATOO 고객과 함께하는
  • HAPPY 행복을 실현하는 기업

Customer-centric value

Centering on the value of customer growth and success,
we realize win-win and sustainable growth and practice social ethics and responsibility.

  • Sustainable Growth
    Increase corporate value through continuous and substantial growth
  • Affiliated Investments
    Leverage your medical capabilities to respond to the market with agility.
  • Human Resource Development
    We nurture human resources with expertise and capabilities and grow together
  • Win-win cooperation
    We create an ecosystem of mutual growth with partners/partners.